Flower Study

I enjoyed doing this little flower study today. I discovered this wildflower on my hike near my neighborhood. I have no clue what it is, but it is some kind of wildflower that blooms upside down.

Rose studies

I have been thoroughly enjoying the rose garden in Golden Gate Park this year. I look forward to their gorgeous blooms every spring. The roses there have the coolest names such as “Pink Promise,” “Cherry Parfait,” “Day Breaker” etc. Here are a couple of rose studies I drew and colored in Procreate, using my photos as reference.

Happy National Thank a Mailman Day!

Happy National Thank a Mailman Day! Thank you to all the mail carriers out there in making sure each and every one of us gets our mail every single day! You all trek through such various conditions and we are truly grateful for your services! 

Recovering from surgery

I had surgery towards the end of January. It was a daunting experience with the pandemic. My husband was only allowed to drop me off and pick me up. I had no family support and I was so incredibly scared. I was literally in tears right up until the initial procedure. Thankfully, the awesome staff at UCSF took incredible care of me. They provided emotional support to make me feel at ease and the surgery itself was successful. We are so very fortunate with the incredible doctors, surgeons and nursing staff we have in this country. I have the highest respect in what they do and greatly commend them. A big heartfelt thank you to UCSF and my amazing surgeon!

Happy 2021!

Happy 2021! May this year be better for everyone. The year 2020 was so very hard for many people with the pandemic and the wildfires in California; my heart goes out to everyone that was deeply affected by these tragic events. While life can throw many curve balls, it is our ability to have the right attitude to help us cope so we can strongly prevail. I wish you all a great year ahead!