Are you feeling optimistic about the new year and the new decade? I certainly am! I am SO excited about this year! I am working on a whole slew of new work plus taking classes to update my skills in the illustration world. My husband and I are planning a fun summer vacation to the east coast and as a lover of history, I am very excited to see some historic sites that have been on my bucket list. What are you excited about this year, this decade? Feel free to share in the comments below.

Happy Belated New Year!

I rolled into the holiday season and the new year by doing jury duty on a criminal case. This was my first time serving as a juror on a criminal case, but I previously served as a juror on a civil case many years ago. The whole process was interesting and incredibly exhausting. Everybody should go through this experience. I was terrified but as I settled into the whole process, I became more accustomed. I won’t go into detail about the case or what the outcome was, but I will say our judge, the Honorable Christopher Hite was absolutely incredible and so very fair. I have so much respect for him.